Manufacturing Engineering (2nd)

These projects are at the endpoint of a two-semester sequence. They are functionally complete.

M2.01 Radio Board

M2.01 Logo

Sponsor: Dr. Blagoy Rangelov 

Student Team: Preston Grimes, Dani Gardois, Ryan Riker, Darren Basta 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mohammad Shahin

Our team is excited to be responsible for designing and manufacturing the radio communications board for Texas State's first-ever cube satellite. The radio board, in conjunction with several other components, will be a fully functioning satellite and will be designed to leave space for future added functionality. After the satellite's build is complete, the University will coordinate with NASA to have the satellite launched on a NASA spacecraft and deployed into Earth's shallow orbit.

M2.02 Satellite Control Board

M2.02 Logo

Sponsor: Dr. Blagoy Rangelov 

Student Team: Grayson Rohrbacher, Amador David Palacios III, Erik Frausto, Mason Chirafis 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mohammad Shahin 

The control board of the satellite is the most critical part of the satellite. Within it contains the satellites varies sub. functions needed to obtain data from the atmosphere. This will be the first satellite build in house by Texas State University making this project a tremendously exciting opportunity.  

M2.03 Protocol Frame

M2.03 Logo

Sponsor: Dr. Blagoy Rangelov

Student Team: Reagan Spencer, Holt Pierce, Abigail Han, Ezequiel Jimenez 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mohammad Shahin

We are designing the structural frame for a standard-sized small satellite called a CubeSat. Our goal is to design the CubeSat in a way that is reproducible using the equipment that is available at Texas State and choose a material that will survive the vacuum of space without being too expensive. We also need to document how to manufacture the CubeSat as well as our reasoning for decisions such as material selection and process selection.

M2.04 Penny Press

M2.04 Logo

Sponsor: Hunt & Hunt

Student Team: Claire O'Brien, Jacob Hugonin, Baxter Moore, Cole Lindbeck

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mohammad Shahin

The Penny Press Project was first developed by the partnership between Hunt & Hunt Ltd. and former students at Texas State University in 2019. Today, the penny press has been decommissioned due to flaws in the original design that have resulted in performance failure. The current objective is to redesign and manufacture the penny press in a way that addresses these complications so that it is easily operable, can withstand use over many years, and includes the addition of a counting device that tracks the number of pennies that pass through the press.

M2.05 Post-Consumer Plastic Recycling Shredder

M2.05 Logo

Sponsor: Hunt & Hunt

Student Team: Michael Quinto, Amaris Rodriguez, Alex Kinney, Seth Heggie

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Austin Talley & Dr. Mohammad Shahin

This project is part of the greater initiative, Bobcats Repurpose, which aims to establish methods for the Texas State University community to recycle post-consumer plastic waste on campus. Our team is designing and manufacturing an improved plastic shredder to efficiently process material for recycling. The new shredder will incorporate basic design elements from the first iteration with improved key features that prioritize safety, usability, and process controls.

M2.06 Calendaring Roll Mill Technologies

M2.06 Logo

Sponsor: Ingram School of Engineering

Student Team: Tyler Parker, Landon Sweat, Garrett Godfredson, Noah Hagan 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jitendra Tate

The objective of this project is to develop a reliable and cost-effective machine that can consistently manufacture high-quality composite pre-preg material to be used in future research projects at Texas State University.