Industrial Engineering (2nd)

These projects are at the endpoint of a two-semester sequence. They are functionally complete.

I2.01 Redesign, Recruit, and Rebrand the IE Program

I2.01 Logo

Sponsor: Ingram School of Engineering

Student Team: Shelby Leadford, Derek Martinez, Ali Al Dulaimi

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Londa

The IE Program at Texas State University experienced tremendous growth from 2004 to 2017. With the introduction of 2 new engineering programs and the occurrence of Covid, enrollment in the IE Program has been declining since 2018. To stimulate growth, a new Recruiting Program, Redesign of the IE Senior Design Room, and Rebranding of IE Program will be planned.

I2.02 HIDden Solutions

I2.02 Logo

Sponsor: Mark Thelen & Keith Capobianco, HID

Student Team: Mark Mebane, Adrian Carbajal, Noah Dull

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Londa

Increasing occurrences of shipping-related failures are occurring in line between HID’s Readers/Credentials/Shipping departments, resulting in inefficient operation, stress, scrap, time, and loss of income. By creating a PFMEA for each department, the number of defects should be reduced, the traceability of packages should be increased, and the profitability of the company will be maximized.

I2.03 Toyota Simulation

I2.03 Logo

Sponsor: Paulo Cesar Varela, Toyota

Student Team: Reagan Chojnacki, Max Grossi

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Londa

We will be building a simulation of Toyota's bumper paint process in the San Antonio, Tx plant. The simulation will give them an understanding of their throughput capabilities. Based on our findings, we will propose an improvement plan.

I2.04 Inkling to Innovate

I2.03 Logo

Sponsor: CHiPS Lab, Ingram School of Engineering

Student Team: Christian Sandoval, Izak Salinas, Jason Ponce, K.J. Leggins

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Londa

The West Texas Lighthouse for Blind in San Angelo, Texas, is a manufacturing facility that provides employment opportunities for the blind and visually-impaired. Our project goal is to optimize a portion of the manufacturing process by considering Human Factors, performing a Time-Motion Study and proposing a streamlined operation.