Civil Engineering (1st)

These projects are at the midpoint of a two-semester sequence.  They are not complete.

C1.01 Onion Creek Senior Center Expansion

C1.01 Logo

Sponsor: Joe Tully, Onion Creek Senior Center

Student Team: Jasmynne Brown, Emily Parks, Nickolas Sprangers, Edward Urias 

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Yongtao Dong

In 2013 the Onion Creek Senior Center opened its doors and has served as a place of community for the senior residents in Buda, Texas. As the senior population continues to grow, the need for a more spacious and accommodating facility is desired. In the attempts of enhancing the accessibility and amenities at the Onion Creek Senior Center, this project aims to develop an expansion of the existing facility through the addition of both a parking lot and building extension.

C1.02 Runoff Biogarden

C1.02 Logo

Sponsor: Amy Thomaides and Brittiny Moore 

Student Team: Jadyn Gaudette, Dustin Schulze, and Veronica Krylova

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Yongtao Dong

The purpose of this biogarden project is to provide a design and model of an infiltration system for Crockett Elementary School. The goal of our biogarden is to prevent and reduce runoff into the streets and sidewalks by having the soil and native plants soak in the water. The biogarden will have a natural water cleaning system that will recycle the water for future use. This project also provides educational information to individuals of all ages to increase the interest of a low cost water treatment system.  

C1.03 Coastal Bridge

C1.03 Logo

Sponsor: TXDot

Student Team: Rawand Almadi, Brie Duran, Jazmin Martinez Perez, and Luis Hernandez Flores

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Yongtao Dong

In this comprehensive senior design project, we're planning to create a bridge that not only connects communities but also stands resilient against the dynamic challenges posted by surrounding environments. Additionally, discovering new alternatives that will provide the best design in supporting these communities. With the given budget to the project we will ensure that that bridge is well designed and sustainable. As we dive into the intricacies of this project, we will explore the fusions of structural engineering principles, environmental principles and cutting-edge technologies, all aimed at crafting a safe and reliable infrastructure that harmonizes with the environment.

C1.04 Water Supply Project

C1.04 Logo

Sponsor: Hannah Leppla, Plummer Associates, Inc.

Student Team: Carlo Falco, Andrea Ibarra, Colby She

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Yongtao Dong

In 10 years, Hays county has nearly doubled in population. Water demand has increased at a similar rate. Without significant expansion, demand would outpace supply in as little as 10 years. The Alliance Regional Water Authority seeks to establish a water supply system that supplements the current water supply for Hays, Caldwell, and Comal counties with the groundwater from the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer. Our team seeks to optimize design between Maxwell and south Kyle, including a booster station near Maxwell.

C1.05 Costal bridge

C1.05 Logo

Sponsor: TxDOT

Student Team: Bryan Garza, Arturo Figueroa, Julian Garcia, Kamden Dziuk 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Felipe Gutierrez 

Under TxDOT's sponsorship, we will be conducting a hands on design project regarding a small bridge crossing over a proposed channel located in Corpus Christi. This project will allow us to examine bridge infrastructure within the state of Texas, and multiple alternatives pertaining to our current bridge's design. At the end of this project, we will be able to understand the planning process and decision evaluation involved within Texas infrastructure's planning and design phases. 

C1.06 Sustainable Biogarden Solutions

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Sponsor: City of San Marcos

Student Team: Madison Silvernail, Bryce Kennedy, Selina Padilla 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Felipe Gutierrez

Working with the City of San Marcos to develop a Biogarden that will encompass a water treatment method to reduce contamination in run-off water. By utilizing natural properties of plants, this green infrastructure promotes sustainable practices. Partnering with the city to innovate San Marcos developments while keeping integrity of local river resources.