Electrical Engineering (2nd)

These projects are at the endpoint of a two-semester sequence. They are functionally complete.

E2.01 Crew Tracking for Analog Space Research

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Sponsor: Dan Thomas, NASA - TSGC

Student Team: Delmar Moreno, Gerardo Martin, Jesse Gonzales, LaBrynthe Jean-Batiste

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rich Compeau

This project detects up to 4 crew members wearing color-coded patches and produces data regarding each member's location and physical orientation. The data our system produces will be saved onto an SD card that can be extracted from the system and viewed later on a separate system. This data is important for behavioral analysis to determine if the crew members are being productive and staying healthy psychologically throughout their 45-day simulations.

E2.02 JFET Headphone Amplifier

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Sponsor: Ingram School of Engineering

Student Team: Chris Thomas, Aldo Sanchez Alvarado, Jessica Wright

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Jeffrey Stevens

Team 2.02's project is a JFET headphone amplifier and test jig that performs full audio characterization and comparison to an off-the-shelf vacuum tube amplifier. Both amplifiers will take an audio input signal, allow the gain to be adjusted by the user, and adjust the amplification of the output signal based on the user's input. This is important because we will be characterizing and comparing the two popular types of headphone amplifiers, an old school vacuum tube amplifier vs. a JFET solid state transistor-based amplifier.

E2.03 Robo Reapers

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Sponsor: Ingram School of Engineering

Student Team: James Strong, Chadd Mingarine, Jacob Mitchell

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Jeffrey Stevens

Our project is an autonomous robot that will be able to detect, push and pull objects. It utilizes an array of sensors that enable object and field detection to find and push an object off of the Dohyo arena, pull an attached object down a playing field, and compete against an opposing robot with the same capabilities in a sumo match. All of these functionalities will be done while staying within the specified boundaries.

E2.04 Sumo ACE

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Sponsor: Ingram School of Engineering

Student Team: Esteban Padilla, Aric Easterling, Christopher Jenkins

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Jeffrey Stevens

Our product is an autonomous robot car designed to participate in both sumo and weighted sled pull competitions. In the sumo competition, the robot will navigate the dohyo competition ring and push out an opponent robot without exiting the ring itself. In the object pull competition, the robot will be manually attached to various wooden blocks of varying weight and will attempt to pull them as far as possible.