Civil Engineering (2nd)

These projects are at the endpoint of a two-semester sequence. They are functionally complete.


C2.01 Spring Lake Trail Foot Bridge

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Sponsor: Jon Cradit, San Marcos Green Belt Alliance

Student Team: Hayden VanderRoest, Cason Grumbles, Isaac Nino, Ian Lattie 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Felipe Gutierrez 

Designing a bridge for pedestrians in the spring lake natural area while meeting criteria to fulfil the clients needs. In addition, construction has to be completed by volunteers with minimal environmental impact, while avoiding moving substantial amount of materials. Job site access and terrain surrounding the site prevents the use of motorized vehicles and heavy equipment.

C2.02 Schulle Canyon Trail Foot Bridge

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Sponsor: Jon Cradit, San Marcos Green Belt Alliance

Student Team: Anthony Lane Totino, Mason Kelley, Tristen Gonzales, Jack VanDever IV

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Felipe Gutierrez

We will be designing a trail foot bridge that spans a length of 50 feet across the Schulle Canyon Creek. This trail is inaccessible during heavy rainfall. Our task is to design a footbridge to improve the accessibility during these poor weather conditions. Furthermore, this bridge will need to match the aesthetic of the existing trial. We have been working closely with the San Marcos Green Belt Alliance to ensure that we meet the City of San Marcos's needs. The group, alongside professors, is currently working on the more technical design aspects of the bridge such as beam design, foundation design, and other aspects of such ilk.

C2.03 Spring Lake Trail Rehabilitation

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Sponsor: Jon Cradit, San Marcos Green Belt Alliance 

Student Team: Sydney Shanahan, Kate Padron, Devyn Carter, Diana Garcia 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Felipe Gutierrez 

A 140-foot section of Spring Lake Trail is susceptible to swamping on the footpath due to rain, soil characteristics, and it’s positioning on an incline. Water percolates through the Buda limestone caprock and is retained in a 20–30-foot clayey layer where the section of path is located. When the Del Rio Clay becomes saturated, the path may not be suitable to use for days. When this occurs, hikers find new paths around the sodden soil, widening the trail. This project aims to return the trail to its intended width and improve functionality in wet conditions with natural materials and low impact design.

C2.04 ARWA Ground Water Treatment Plant

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Sponsor: Josh Milks & Marissa Vergara // CP&Y & STV 

Student Team: Cameron LaVigne, John Carroll, Wyatt Strength 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Felipe Gutierrez  

Our team is in charge of the civil site expansion of the ARWA groundwater treatment plant. After analyzing three possible locations for an expansion we have selected one to pursue this semester. The expansion location we have chosen will share the current groundwater treatment plant's clearwell and high service pump station. We plan on designing the layout of the expansion as well as the roadwork throughout the plant.

C2.05 Bobcat Ridge Project

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Sponsor: Ben Ruby, Kimley-Horn

Student Team: Herman Fernandez, Mauricio Gonzalez, Manan Patel, David Wells Heavner

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Felipe Gutierrez

The Bobcat Ridge Project is advancing to Phase 2, focusing on engineering tasks like paving, lift station, traffic analysis, and grading plans. Phase 1 focused on the sustainability framework, alternative evaluation, and life cycle costs of the project. Let's dig in!

C2.06 City of Angleton Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)

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Sponsor: Todd Warrix, HDR 

Student Team: Caden Smith, Jordan Gallego, Shawn Jasso

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Felipe Gutierrez

The City of Angleton is expecting growth over the next few decades and is in need of a new greenfield wastewater treatment plant. The project includes, but not limited to, modeling growth, phasing requirements, and design of a WWTP and a reuse pipeline system. The project team will research new technology and systems to provide a better quality deliverable to the sponsor and university system.