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Why is Cooperative Education a good return on investment for employers?

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Co-ops can seed your company's talent pipeline.
students who participate in co-op programs can grow into tomorrow's well trained, full-time employees


Co-ops bring supplementary technical support to short and long-term projects
Students can help complete existing projects, initiate new projects, and free up employees to take on other company assignments.

Saves Costs

Co-ops present minimal financial cost and risk to employers.
Students who participate in co-op for 3 to 6 months (and longer) offer you an evaluative framework to effectively conduct a long-term interview with a potential job candidate.


Co-ops broaden workforce diversity as cultural and competitive necessities.
Students from diverse disciplines and backgrounds can build a deeper domestic bench of inclusive STEM talent. 


Co-ops bring fresh perspectives to a company.
Students are learning new technologies and new skill sets, and they can contribute fresh perspectives to solving business problems.


Co-ops give back to your community.
Students bring their co-op experiences back to  campus and the community, building positive brand awareness. companies with co-ops are leaders in responding to workforce shortages and skills gaps in workforce development.

A Few Employer Testimonials!

"Having worked closely over the last two decades with students from Texas State University’s Ingram School of Engineering in varying engagements, the level of students has been above our expectations. The students come prepared, professional, skilled, and engaged while being ready to add value to the organization from the start. These qualities speak to the level of dedication from the faculty and staff to prepare engineers to meet industry needs." 
James Mulhall, Senior Manager, Tokyo Electron America, Inc.

"Talent development and successful team building are challenging in today’s environment. Co-op opportunities provide multiple advantages for employers and the co-op students, collectively. Work performed by the co-op student is meaningful and adds value to the company while providing the student with an opportunity to experience the company’s culture and offerings in a structured environment. The company's success depends on the strength of its employees collectively and their ability to function as a cohesive unit. Co-op opportunities help ensure that the right student is paired with the right company and will ensure long-lasting success for both parties." 
Shawn Rockey, Technical Manager, Customer Integration Manager, Power Systems, Cummins, Inc.

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