Co-op Connections - Student Co-op Experiences

Cooperative Education is an experiential education model in which students alternate semester of academics with semester of work in their field of study.

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Ryan Huston

IE Class of 2021

"Being able to gain class credit and make a good wage was the biggest factor for me to join the co-op program. You must be ok with pushing back your graduation date, but in doing this, you are getting valuable industry experience for almost double the duration of a normal summer internship. This means more experience, and most of the time, co-op projects are a lot more meaningful and impactful on the company when you can spend more time working on them. It also allows your employer to give you tougher projects and get to know you more."

Co-op Employer(s): Apple Inc., Caterpillar Inc.
Current Title: Logistics Engineer 3
Current Employer: Caterpillar Inc.

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Patrick Hernandez

EE Class of 2021

"During my first co-op experience, I worked full-time for Apple and did not attend school outside of the ENGR 3190 Co-op class (1 credit). This allowed me to have an incredible work/life balance. It gave me a taste of what my life routine would be like after graduating. Furthermore, I will 100% make a better career choice due to my co-op experiences. I have worked in a variety of engineering positions with different companies. Some positions I liked; some I did not find sustainable. I am grateful that my co-ops helped me find out what job fits my personality and skillset best."

Co-op Employer(s): Apple Inc., Aggreko
Current Title: Construction Project Management Intern
Current Employer: Tesla

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Katherine Ausanka

Katherine Ausanka

MFGE Class of 2021

"Co-op has helped me focus on what I want to do post-graduation. With Caterpillar, I gained experience in CAD software, welding, and developing rapid prototypes. With Apple, I appreciated the work I was doing in the recycling industry; I felt I was improving our planet and people. And I worked on a high-performance team that motivated me to be the best engineer I could be. With NXP Semiconductors, I am again involved in rapid prototyping, using my SolidWorks skills and knowledge about manufacturing processes to be a value-add to the team. I know now I want to work in prototyping – from 3D model design to simulations, to physical manufacturing."

Co-op Employer(s): Apple Inc., Caterpillar Inc.
Current Title: Product Engineering Intern
Current Employer: NXP Semiconductors

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Javier Ortiz

IE Class of 2020

"My education was essential to preparing me for co-op. I had the foundational knowledge - topics ranging from engineering economics to project management to operations research/optimization - required to succeed in the role. Even when I encountered subject areas and contexts that were new to me, I was prepared for the challenge of learning on the job and building off of my existing expertise. One of the most important things I learned was how to be a better communicator -- expressing my ideas, fielding questions when I needed clarification, making my project’s significance clear and accessible."

Co-op Employer: Infineon Technologies (Munich, Germany)
Current Title: STEM Public Policy Fellow
Current Employer: Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI)

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Holly Streber

Holly Streber

IE Class of 2021

"My confidence has grown since working at Entegris. Gaining work experience helps prove to yourself that you can apply what you’ve learned in school in the industry. Soaking up experience from those I work with has also boosted my confidence and broadened my range of knowledge.  I have experienced a greater work/life balance; work stays at work, and I have more free time outside of it, rather than working at unhealthy hours of the day or on weekends for school. I’ve enjoyed the greater division between my work and personal life where I focus efficiently during my workday then have uninterrupted time outside of that."

Co-op Employer: Entegris Inc.
Current Title: Direct Materials Supply Chain Summer Intern
Current Employer: Entegris Inc.

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Leah Lewis

IE Class of 2021

"The curriculum from the Ingram School of Engineering helped to prepare me for my work assignment. I brought my textbook from Methods and Ergonomics because my main projects were conducting time studies and doing MOST analysis, so having this book was helpful. Other classes like Engineering Design Graphics and Facilities Planning also were very helpful to understand how to draw/edit layouts and some ways to plan for a manufacturing facility. Almost all upper engineering classes require a team project, which has helped me with finding ways to communicate with other people and effectively collaborate together."

Co-op Employer(s): Vitesco Technologies
Current Title: Backend Process and Automation Engineering Intern
Current Employer: Vitesco Technologies

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Leah Lewis
Katherine Ausanka

Mary (Minh) Van

IE Class of 2021

"As a result of co-op, my confidence has greatly increased as an engineer. I’ve been able to break my limits and add incredibly valuable skill sets crucial as an industrial engineer. I’ve also become a much more reliable employee because of co-op, and it has helped my studies because now I understand how the concepts taught in class can be applied in real life. Thus, I will make a better career choice due to co-op! "

Co-op Employer: QORVO
Current Title: Industrial Engineer Intern
Current Employer: QORVO

Stephen Martinez

EE Class of 2020

"The NASA Pathways Co-op program is the ONLY way to receive a full-time, entry-level position with NASA as a civil servant. The Ingram School of Engineering Cooperative Education Program provided a lot of support that made completing this program possible. This gave me the ability to explore federal employment while still enrolled in Texas State University. I earned competitive wages, and the time worked with NASA counts towards my time-in-service. There is no substitute for real-world engineering experience. Working on meaningful projects as a co-op helped me when I returned to school and as an entry-level engineer."

Co-op Employer(s): Department of Energy, NASA
Current Title: Power Systems Engineer
Current Employer: NASA

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Kathryn Turman

IE Class of 2018

"My co-op experience was significant to my professional career. I built relationships with employers and learned how to operate in a corporate environment prior to many of my peers. Being able to work while I was in school not only made me more interested in what I was learning but enabled me to see how my degree applied to the real world directly. I’m also thankful for the professors, mentors, classmates, and friends I met at Texas State. The schooling, extracurricular activities, opportunities, and people I met, made for an incredible couple of years. Go Bobcats!"

Co-op Employer: Tokyo Electron America
Current Title: Data Informatics Analyst
Current Employer: Tokyo Electron America

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