Cooperative Education Program

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Cooperative education is an experiential educational model in which students alternate semesters of traditional academic education with semesters of working full-time in their field of study.

Cooperative Education Program Mission Statement

Ingram School of Engineering co-op students contribute talent, skills, next generation perspectives, and represent all dimensions of America's diverse society in the workplace. Real-world engineering experiences through co-ops are crucial to preparing our students for the world beyond college. Today's students will become tomorrow's STEM workforce, innovators, and leaders. The ISoE Cooperative Education Program is committed to helping our students take those next steps forward.


$1.5 MM Collective co-op earnings since 2017

1. Maintain full-time student status while on co-op
2. Co-op earnings will not impact the FAFSA/EFC
3. Maintain financial aid and scholarships

100% Graduation rate with co-op!

Co-Op Students Stats:

95% - employed full-time in their fields of engineering.
45% - employed by co-op employers.
39.6% - are Hispanic, Asian, or Black
35.8% - are female
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