The Ingram School of Engineering is committed to providing high-quality engineering programs and all engineering majors' success.  All engineering degree programs are ABET-accredited, and providing academic advising is a key component to maintaining our quality programs. The School of Engineering wants to ensure that students understand their degree requirements, course prerequisites, course sequencing, and other requirements. It is our goal that all students will avoid enrollment errors. 

Engineering advising holds are placed on all engineering majors in the following manner:

  • Freshman & sophomore-level students: holds will be placed on the 12th class day of the fall and spring semesters
  • Junior & senior-level students: holds will be placed every September

All engineering students are required to meet with an academic advisor to have this hold removed.  Students will not be able to register for classes until an academic advisor has removed this hold. Students should check on Catsweb to determine if any other holds will affect their registration eligibility. Students on probation must meet with an academic advisor to remove probation holds.

Electrical Engineering majors can also make appointments with Dr. Michael Casey by contacting the Ingram School of Engineering, 512-245-1826 or IGRM 2203.