Industrial Engineering (1st)

These projects are at the midpoint of a two-semester sequence.  They are not complete.

I1.01 - Evaluating the Spread of Misinformation Through Social Media

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Sponsor: UTIL Lab 

Student Team: Jesse Contreras, Brandon McCarthy, Robert Torres 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Londa

With the start of the COVID-19 pandemic an overabundance of misleading virus-related information has surfaced on social media. Misconceptions regarding the pandemic could and has led to people not following proper precautions and procedures when in contact with the contagious disease. The project aims to understand the diffusion and effect of this misinformation on the residents of Texas. This will be done through the labeling of a machine learning algorithm’s input data of Twitter tweets on a criterion of truthfulness. Next, a survey will be distributed statewide that is aimed to measure the role social media plays on the population’s consumption of news. 

I1.02 - CTFB Inventory and Route Optimization

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Sponsor: Jeff Gonzales

Student Team: Adaora Anagbogu, Cross Mitchell, Leo Montoya

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Londa

A leading organization in the fight against hunger relief, the Central Texas Food Bank (CTFB) enlists Texas State to help with issues in inventory procurement and distribution. This project aims to provide CTFB with an optimal product category mix to invest in for inventory supplementation through an LP model. Additionally, using simulation software, an improved truck route/scheduling for distribution to partner agencies is proposed.  

I1.03 - Automated Milk Run Ordering System

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Sponsor: Katie Esparza

Student Team: Eric Brady, Rosa Rodriguez, BJ Iroha, Brandon Willis

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Londa

Just in Time delivery of material allows for more space on the production floor and less cost for warehouse storage while keeping the production lines stocked. The project will focus on automating the ordering and picking of material from an inventory Kanban that will allow for the Just in Time delivery. This includes identifying parts ideal for automation, developing quantities for the Kanban, and mapping efficient milk run routes. 

I1.04 - Ingram Hall Makerspace: Dream - Believe - Succeed

I1.04 Logo

Sponsor: Mr. John Ivey 

Student Team: Ryan Powell, Daniel Ebuzeme, Jeff Davis, Jacob O'Neill 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Londa 

This project will consist of optimization within the Ingram Hall Makerspace tool room, including the placement of storage shelves, location of tools, and integrated wall mounts for tools. A final layout plan will be proposed to help prevent expected bottle necking as a prediction in users of 75% or more will occur by 2022. Analysis of tool usage and ergonomics will provide necessary information for new implementaions as the number of users in Ingram hall Makerspace continues to climb. 

I1.05 - NBU Facility Layout Optimization

I1.05 Logo

Sponsor: Jacob Tschoepe 

Student Team: Brenda Valles, Jacob Mann, Taylor Nix 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Londa 

Our project consists of optimizing the current facility layout for the safety and efficient movement of the operation teams in the yard. We are also evaluating the current on-hand inventory levels to ensure waste is being limited by stocking no more than what is needed. Our goal is to implement an optimization model that will help reduce waste on inventory and within that goal free up space in the yard. The project will be beneficial for NBU’s new facility as if implemented can help with layout contributed space and on-hand inventory determination.